Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Re-re-re-re-re Post. Fixed a fiction piece of mine.

First hour.

"Watch out for the train"


"Whats that sound?"


"Oh thats th---"


I reach over and click the slide indicator to off.


The clock radio read 6:15, and the bus arrives at 6:25, it had been sounding for the last 30 minutes, my dream almost seamlessly integrating the incessant buzzing into it's reality. My bones ached from staying up till 2:30. Again. Well, that's too bad, just going to have to sleep through a few classes, that's never hurt me before.

I slowly rose out of bed, my sore joints protesting the whole way and quickly walk outside, circling the house to the front door, and enter.

"You're going to miss the bus," my father says.

"No I'm not."

"Your alarms been going off for the last half hour, you woke ME up."

"Why didn't you stomp on the floor or something?"

"I figured you were up."

I go into the bathroom and strip for a quick shower, thinking "Yeah, that figures, uh huh, really, asshole". The shower leaves me feeling dirty still. All three minute showers do. There has to be a better way. Oh yeah, I could go to bed on time, but whats the fun in that? I could get a job, buy a car, pay insurance, but whats the fun in that? No, I'd really rather live with things left unresolved until the last minute everyday, that is fun, last minute decisions and solutions to all my problems.

Anyways, I terminate that line of thought as I realize that the bus should be coming around now. I run to the end of my road to see it drive past. Shit. Oh good, it's stopping, someone must have noticed me running, well I am kind of hard not to notice.

Settling into a seat in the front for the forty minute bus ride, the quiet hum and bumping of the bus lulls me into an uneasy sleep, waking every time the bus slows or stops. Every minute counts. Damn it, I forgot breakfast again. No money for lunch. Going hungry today, oh well, eating at home is more fun anyways. Glancing out the window I realize that we're less then a minute from the school. Good, no more sleep.

Being at the front of the bus has it's benefits. You don't have to deal with all the loud obnoxious people at the back, AND you're first off. Benefits all around. Glancing at the clock it reads seven. Hmm, the bus is early today. What is there to do for the 25 minutes before class? Oh god, there are the people I hang out with... they're looking at me... *panic*

I smile. I walk over, I say my hellos, and get into an animated conversation with a friend, starting of course with quotes.

"Women have a perfect right to play a part in our movement, Reg.", says I.

"Why are you always on about women, Stan?", he replies.

"I want to be one."


"I want to be a woman. From now on, I want you all to call me 'Loretta'."


"It's my right as a man."

"Well, why do you want to be Loretta, Stan?"

"I want to have babies."

"You want to have babies?!"

"It's every man's right to have babies if he wants them."

"But... you can't have babies."

"You know, they have a point," our friend julie cuts in, "Why can't he have babies?"

"Well, it isn't possible, he has no womb" my friend says.

"Yes, but why can't he have them legally? Is it his right to have babies?"

"Well, I suppose it is his right, but why have the right to have a baby?"

"Wait wait wait... there could be a legal side to this, unapproved, unnecessary medical experimentation is illegal, and thats what it would take for him to have a baby"

"They could get FDA approval... or go to Brazil"

"But then it's running from the law... not a right, he wants to have the right to bear a child"


We disperse to our separate rooms.

Entering O`Connors room, a new assignment covers the board.

"Imagine that you're the ruler of a small island, and you need to make a government fair to all, but still remain a ruler. How would you do it? You have 20 minutes, then we're forming groups"

Damn English teacher, what does that have to do with English? Oh kay, whatever, I can do this. Shit, it's been 5 minutes. Better get started :

"To allow all peoples under my rule, apparent, or hidden, preferably hidden, for the rule does not need to be actually equal, if I allow people to perceive that they are all equal, then I will have an interchangeable populace. All people have equal skill, equal participation. But wires can be hidden and pulled. Perception. Perception is the key to humans, everything on some level is perception. It all boils down to my perception of events, how I interpret things, isn't it the same for you? If you perceive you are in control of a situation, wouldn't you hold that belief for as long as possible? Puppet governments. Look at the Philippines, we held control there for almost a entury, a puppet government pretending to run things, the populace pretending it was in control of itself. It took a world war to free them, yet we still control most of their economy. Okay, so I set up a democratic polling system, all controlled by computers, and let the people vote on all issues, yet in the background I just change how the polls come out, make them look close, or landslide, to let the people who voted think that the rest of the populace is against them, thereby crushing their spirits and making them that much easier to control in the long run. Oh yes, yes, I love this plan"

Reading this aloud gets me concerned looks from my classmates

"That is some.. interesting work, Charlie," The group leader looks around quickly, "Katie, what did you write?"

Wow, some boring work "I would let them represent themselves in a government situation and be president", exactly what everyone else said. They're all so special, awww cuties! The next 50 minutes were a blur (85 minute class), mostly due to my lack of complete consciousness.

"The definition of tone is... A small city in panama"

Groggily raising my hand, "I don't think that's the definition of tone.."

"Charlie, we were talking about tone 10 minutes ago"

I feel my face warm, and smile sheepishly "Oh", and fall back asleep.

Waking to the sound of a room of people moving is like a shot of adrenaline. You're instantly awake, on your feet, and moving towards the door. Outside, the fresh air hits your face, and the soft, cool mist helps bring you to complete awareness.

This is a problem for me. It means that in the 5 minutes between classes, I have to find something to do. Friends again, but this time, Star Wars.

I walk up to hear, "So, is Luke going to hell or not?"

"Why would he go to hell?"

"Well, he killed millions of people when the death star blew up, lusted after his sister, and 'touched' her in a manner which could be seen as sexual"

"Does he believe in God? Does God, and heaven even exist in the star wars universe?"

"Well, it exists in ours, why not theirs?"

"True, but your an atheist dude, you say so all the time"

"Well, this is a hypothetical situation, so I can say that they both exist for the purpose of this conversation"


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