Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Launching Project Oct. 2nd

Launching this project October 2nd for a Dec31st end date. Posting for great justice, and inviting people to proofread. Let me know in comments or in whatever medium we discussed it.

Thanks, Drake

Space Now.

Have you ever looked into the sky and said "I want to make my mark on that vast celestial sphere"? Well, Here is your chance. Starting in the fourth quarter of 2010 Interorbital Systems will begin launching their new line of TubeSat satellites.

The TubeSats are launched into a polar orbit. This means it circles the globe in a longitudinal fashion, while the earth spins on below it. So the orbit takes it over a large portion of the globe, unlike traditional satellites that orbit in a latitudinal manner, which can leave portions of the globe permanently out of their reach.

So, in polar orbit the satellite will cover a vast amount of the earth's surface. This means you will be able to broadcast your message to a geographically relevant region of the planet. With the power of mathematics, we can determine where the satellite will be at a given time. Think of the possibilities!

Say hello to your friend in Sweden!
Play 80s speed metal for people in Australia!
Send your PGP key to Spies in China!
I'm sure there is hundreds of things you can do with this. I can't wait to see.

There is, however, a downside. These satellites are being launched into a really low earth orbit. These things are grazing the atmosphere with every orbit, not to mention solar wind pushing it back at the earth every time it goes across the dayside. What does this mean to us? The TubeSat is only guaranteed three weeks in orbit, but could last up to three months. Then in one final act it burns up in a glorious fireball, burning up and seeding the upper atmosphere with the ash from our satellite.

What can you do with this "microsat"?

These TubeSats can mass up to 750 grams. What we're doing is pulling the guts out and modifying it with a Shortwave transmitter capable of being heard on a hand held receiver. Then we add some scheduling software and run what you want!

We're reserving at least 5 grams for the DNA program, but that could be increased if everything else fits. Plus, at least 100 grams for the "Do what you want" pledge bracket.

A quick run down of the pledge brackets, skipping the one dollar.

Ten dollars buys you 5 minutes. This is the smallest time bracket. Any one the larger ones can be broken into 5 minute brackets with no additional pledge. The ten dollar bracket has the lowest priority for time slots, but you get to choose in the order you signed up.

We'll be using a public G-Mail calendar for a public record of times, but when its your turn to choose you get a copy of the official time chart. You can change your time slot at any point after you've already chosen.

Fifty dollars gets you an hour. You can break it down into any collection of 5 minute chunks you like. Subject to the same rules as the ten dollar pledge, except you're bumped up a priority level.

Alternate fifty dollar pledge. Send your DNA into space. When you select this, send your name and address. We'll send you a collection cylinder. Put some skin cells, some hair, whatever, in it, and we'll shoot it into space. Nothing gross please.

One Hundred Dollars, Your DNA in SPACE, plus an hour broadcast time. Priority over everyone, you choose in the order you signed up, break it up as you please

Two Hundred Dollars. Your DNA in SPACE, plus four hours broadcast time. Priority over everyone, you choose in the order you signed up, break up the time as you please.

Starting at 250, the Do what you want plan. Subject to approval, do what you want. Send a picture of yourself into space. A stuffed animal. Your baby teeth. A lock of your girlfriends hair? I don't know, that's a little creepy, but its up to you. Certain weight restrictions may apply, but I'm sure we can work something out.

With all these you can send in whatever amount you like and pick and choose among them to make the perfect package for you.

Everything is limited by the time in orbit, the weight restrictions, well and that's about it. So, get your donation in early to get the time or item you really want.... IN SPACE!

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